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Progam 1
Data Engineering from Zero to Hero

Computer Science Fundamentals

As a data engineer, you’ll spend most of your time working with Linux® and its tools. So, it’s really important to master the basics properly before we move forward. Once you feel at home in a Linux environment, we’ll dive into a basic programming course in Go®.

After that, we’ll dig deeper into how computers work and how to design and develop software properly. In this context, you’ll need to understand what an  operating system does and the concepts behind it. Since we’re more connected than ever, we’ll also cover computer networks, focusing on the main underlying components and protocols.

Finally, we’ll introduce the concepts of data transport, data modeling, data storage, and data security.

In addition to these topics, we’ll discuss how all these technological evolutions are impacting our daily lives and work.

Throughout the program, you’ll establish a solid foundation in computer science through a distinctive blend of on-site classes, self-study, and group assignments.

Program milestones

Start of the course

In January 2025, you’ll meet your fellow trainees and start learning.


5-week evaluation

Do you sufficiently control the basics to continue the rest of the program?


Day-to-day evaluations & intermediate tests

Are you still on track or do you need to step up your game?
Are you up to speed with Go, Operating Systems and Computer Networks?



Have you finalized the fundamentals program successfully?
Congratulations and welcome to Program 2 – Data Engineering!


We will focus on:

  • A brief history of computers and Unix.
  • Linux: the shell, and some common tools.
  • Programming 101 in Go.
  • Unix Operating System concepts.
  • Computer networks: i.e., PPP, Ethernet, TCP/IP 5-layer reference model, devices, …
  • The impact of computing.

Who’s eligible

No matter your age or level of experience, if you graduated in a STEM program, can demonstrate an interest in Software Engineering, don’t mind a bit of self-study, and want to give your career a new boost in data engineering, tutorrio is the place for you!

Join our application process to see if you have what it takes to start a career as a data engineer.

Once you successfully complete the application, we’ll get to work.

Do consider this upfront:

  • You have at least a degree in STEM education.
  • You can demonstrate your interest in Software Engineering (DIY projects, extra courses, …).
  • You live in Belgium and hold a Belgian or EU Schengen zone passport.
  • We expect you to stay on board with us for 18 months after completing the program.
  • tutorrio is a full-time, 5-day-a-week program that requires you to be on-site in our Antwerp office for 3 days a week. After the program, Klarrio works in the same hybrid mode (3 days on-site, 2 days at home).
  • There’s a lot to learn in a short time, so  you must be willing to put in more effort than a typical 9 to 5 job.

Application Process

Send Application

Fill in our online registration form, include your CV, and explain why you should get a chance to follow the program.


Video interview

If you’ve been selected, we’ll schedule a video interview to see if we are a good match.
We’ll explain our core philosophy, and give you more practical info about what you can expect. 


Online assessment

If the interview went great, you’ll have a chance to show off your skills during two online assignments. 


Succeeded? Great! Let’s meet

Congratulations! Come and check out our office in Antwerp. We’ll go through your results and discuss your future enrolment at tutorrio.


You’re in!

Congrats! This is where the adventure begins…

Registrations are now closed

Thank you all for your great engagement!
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