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Until when can I apply for the next tutorrio program?

Applications for the 2024 program will close at the end of November 2023.

Are there any criteria for the application?

You don’t need to have a formal educational background in IT, but you do need to have an affinity for coding and computer software. We are looking for people who have a real passion for programming and are eager to learn. (see next question)
Your age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, social or financial background doesn’t matter.
If you live in Belgium and hold a Belgian or EU Schengen zone passport or a B-card (unlimited single permit), and have the dedication to take a full-time commitment five days a week (with 3 days on-site in our Antwerp office and 2 days of working from home), you are more than welcome to send us your application!

Does joining the program require prior knowledge, or does it start from zero?

We start from the very basics of coding, but some affinity and prior experience in coding or math (from a hobby, online course, etc.) are essential.
Ideally, you
have completed one or more of the following studies:

    • a 3rd grade ASO in a STEM program

    • a 3rd grade TSO in a STEM program that included subjects focused on mathematics and IT

    • a non-computer science Bachelor in a STEM program

    • a non-computer science Master

    • and/or followed some programming courses which demonstrate your passion for IT.

Whether you have prior academic experience or have been learning on your own, if you’re interested in programming, tutorrio is the place for you. If you’ve taken STEM courses in high school but, for whatever reason, didn’t pursue further education, if you are considering a shift in your career, or have a personal interest in programming with self-study, online courses, or hands-on experience, we welcome your application.

How and where can I apply?

You can easily apply by filling out the registration form on the website. Tell us a bit more about yourself, your goals, and your motivations.

What is the application process like?

The application process consists of the following steps:

  1. The first step is to fill in the registration form and tell us a bit more about yourself, your goals, and your motivations.
  2. If we believe we’re a good match, we’ll set up a video call to hear more about you and see if we click.
  3. Complete our online assessment in your own time.
  4. Visit us here, at our Antwerp offices, to check out our location, final assignment, and discuss your results.
  5. Succeeded? Congrats, you’re in! This is where the adventure begins…

What kind of assessments do I have to do?

After our video call, if we’re a match, we’ll send you two links to the online assessments: 

  1. To assess your personal competences 
  2. To assess your technical skills

In the later, we will assess your skills in the following:

  • Pattern recognition 
  • Derive functions from mathematical problems 
  • The learning ability of a new (technical) language 
  • Interpretation of graphs
  • English language

Please note that you will not automatically get your results after you completed the tests. We will discuss them with you shortly after.
If you’re successful with your online assessment, you’ll be invited on-site for an interview and a final assignment.

I sent in my application. How long does it usually take until I get an answer?

It usually takes us between 5 and 10 working days to assess your application, but this can take longer during the summer holidays or if we get a high number of registrations, so please bear with us. We’ll definitely send you a response, even if it’s a “no”.

I got accepted! What happens now?

Upon acceptance of your candidacy, you will be contacted by the Klarrio HR department to go over your contract. To sign the contract, you will be invited to our offices in Antwerp, where we will show you around and hand over your laptop and welcome goodies. Once you successfully complete the program, you’ll receive an updated contract in line with Klarrio’s junior data engineer remuneration package.

The course: how it all works…

Is it really free to attend the tutorrio learning program? Are there any hidden costs?

It really is, and there are no hidden fees. In fact, we provide a salary and compensation package already while you are studying, so that our trainees don’t have to worry about having a monthly income or working on the side.

When does the next course begin?

In January 2024. You will receive an email with all the information prior to your first class, with the exact date and time.

What language are the classes held in? Do I have to speak fluent Dutch?

The classes are in English. Also, if you complete the program and start working at Klarrio, the main language will be English.

I have a full-time job/course. Can I attend tutorrio in the evenings?

We’re afraid that’s not possible. tutorrio is a full-time commitment, it is an intensive learning program teaching you everything from the basics of computer science to cutting-edge technologies data engineers use. 

Do I have to bring my own laptop to the classes?

No. tutorrio will provide you with all the equipment required to follow the program. Treat it with respect and return it in the condition in which you received it (except for normal wear).

Can I attend the tutorrio program remotely?

Unfortunately no, the program requires you to be on-site as we have a lot of hands-on exercises in the curriculum. You do get 2 days a week when you are working on assignments from home, though.

If I successfully complete the full data engineering program, am I guaranteed to get a job contract?

Yes, but you do already get a contract as a ‘junior data engineer trainee’ with Klarrio when you start the learning program. You also start receiving a competitive salary package immediately. Once you successfully complete the full data engineering program, you will get an employment contract as a ‘junior data engineer’ at Klarrio, and more perks will be added to your remuneration package.

What happens if I fail to complete the full data engineering program?

This can happen but may depend on a number of factors. Depending on the reason, the question is addressed as part of the assessment and during a one-to-one interview.

What happens if I complete the data engineering program but decide to go work for another company?

If you complete the program, you continue to work for Klarrio for at least 18 months or compensate Klarrio as defined in the “scholingsbeding*” by the Belgian federal government:

Training stipulation (scholingsbeding*)

The training stipulation is a stipulation according to Belgian law whereby the employee who, during the execution of this employment contract, undergoes specific training at the employer’s expense, agrees to reimburse part of the training cost if the employee decides to leave the company before the agreed period.

  • The period is determined at 18 months after completion of the program

Reimbursements, should you decide to leave are:

  • between 0 – 6 months: 11.000 – 7.500 euro
  • between 6 – 12 months:   7.500 – 3.000 euro
  • between 12 – 18 months:   3.000 – 0 euro


What will I be learning during the tutorrio program?

Check the Course Outline page to learn more about the full data engineering program.

Salary & Perks

What’s included in the remuneration package?

Participants of the tutorrio learning program will receive a competitive kick-start remuneration package (in line with PC 200) already during the course that you’ll discuss with our HR prior to signing your contract.

I will have to commute to the tutorrio HQ from another city. Will my travel expenses be covered?

You will get a fully paid public transport subscription as soon as you start your studies at tutorrio.

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